Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Inspiration from Aaron in Alberta - Guest Blog

An update from Aaron Greenwood, from Alberta, Canada, who wrote to the folks at AutCom when they gathered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in the fall of 2010.  Aaron has autism and does not speak, but types with his Mom's support using Facilitated Communication.  See Aaron's earlier message

Well I am writing again after many years since my last article.  I have changed since then and now I greatly feel it is time to share more of my opinions of autism.  I remember how I shared how my life began with my family loving me for who I was.  And now as I have grown older most definitely that has remained the same.  I dare say they love me more as our journey becomes truly one that is steadfast.  It has been a journey that has been dearly difficult at times, very stressful. 

Freedom greatly falters never when you have a path to follow.  Yes it greatly each day was a time when my family knew that great dedication was needed. Sadness was certain to be our destiny if we did not stay true to our great mission. Never was it an option for my family to feel that my life was to be a life of beast filled nothingness.  I knew that they would most dearly remain my true believers and supporters.  I knew that my life was meant for more than just sitting silent and not contributing to a world that needed most definitely a certain hope and resilience against those who say nonverbal autistics are not worthy of a place in this world.  Really? It assuredly asks the question really we are not worthy? Each day I have thought of this question and I get angry each time that I think of how much we have to contribute certain I am of that.   

It is a crime to let our minds sadly waste away to a point of no return for some.  And then they ask why are they angry? Why do they scream? Why do they dearly run?  I am seeing more and more of my dear friends fight each day to stay sane.  I am boldly saying friends even though I have not met many of you.  It is a crime to hold so many of us in a life that has no purpose.  A life meant to be rich and fulfilling a life that God sadly sadly does not agree with. He did not mean for us to be sitting idle we were meant yes meant to be engaged individuals meant to live a life of purpose.   

Dearly dearly always know that there is a path meant for each person and we are no different because of our autism. It has always been my most passionate purpose to awaken my body.  I know that for many a body that does not listen to a powerful mind is a dear curse.  It has been my experience that a body that is strengthened by the right foods and supplements is a body that can supremely be a person strong in this world.  A world that needs to know that a person with autism allowed to be active in opinions and beliefs is a person that dearly has a great contribution to make to our society.  Was there ever a point to not giving each of us a chance in this world only because you felt that we could not be of any value?  I know that this is a dear reality for sadly many of us and it would be a true miracle if more families would follow a path that my family is on.  It is a path that is very worthwhile and I know would be a path worthwhile for many more.  It is a path that frees all and awesome a life with freedom is.   

I know that a family with a member that has autism is a family that already has much worried existence.  And I know that these worries are a truly difficult place to be in.  Our family has greatly worried and believe me these worries are stressful.  But I also know that our worries have been dearly relieved by a calmer me. I know that a body strengthened by feelings that are positive and not beast filled is a dear opportunity freeing me each day.  Yes, it is a dearly, dearly certain great work path not without its sad times of course.  But also I know that my family has experienced greater peace and true happiness with my new stronger me.  I know reality is not always felt by many as a gift but more of a curse. And I know that for many families that are struggling this is a cursed existence. Not for all I know.  But for those that are struggling yes listen, autism does not need to be a life of hurt and each day could be one full of possibilities.  And I know it may very well seem daunting but it is possible.   

Never feel like it is both cursed and hopeless.  This is not true.  I am living a life that has known hope and sadness and it is more hopeful now more than ever.  I am each day ready to be an advocate and feeling ready for this awesome autism awesome reality.  I know I am really sad to not know many of you but hope that my letter bridges my dear feelings to yours.  I greatly desire a chance to give hope to more people and each opportunity that I have I am truly thankful for.  I really hope that this letter is the beginning of many opportunities for me to share my awesome life and also give hope to families struggling and certainly answer any questions that anyone might have.  Thank you for reading my letter and God Bless each one of you as you search dearly for your purpose.  

Sincerely your friend in autism,
Aaron Greenwood

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  1. This is beautiful Aaron. Thank you for writing it. I will signal boost your words with the hope that others may read, reflect and feel the joy that comes with hope.