Monday, April 30, 2012

Autism Positivity

This is going to be my shortest blog post ever - I promise! And my hope is that because it will take so little time to read, maybe you will find the time (and inclination) to check out a couple very exciting web sites. I just read that it's Autism Positivity Day - which automatically makes it my very favorite day of the whole Autism Awareness/Acceptance month! I am full of positivity today and I hope you are as well. I am going way out on a limb here, ready to share with you my brand new answer to the question people invariably ask when they hear I am involved with autism.

Q: "So, why are so many more people being diagnosed with autism?" 
A: "Maybe it's because we aren't really listening yet!" 

Leaving aside the common discussion about whether there is really an increase in the number of folks on the autism spectrum, or perhaps we are just getting better at recognizing the condition, the truth is that there really are lots more people who carry the autism label these days.

And, what if . . . . ?

What if they all have something to teach us and we haven't been paying attention?  

That's it - for now at least.  From here, I invite you to check out the following:

Paula Kluth's ideas on inclusion and doing it right.

Temple Grandin's positive take on autism

Wretches and Jabberers - the movie

Some pretty amazing writings from friends who type to communicate

Words of wisdom from my good friend Aaron

Suzy Miller's very positive take on autism

Seeing it as AWETIZM!

Do we have YOUR attention?    I'd love to hear from you.