Monday, June 12, 2017

The Answer is Love

I have introduced a few guest bloggers in the years I have been doing this.  The time seems right to share some thoughts from my friend Nick, who uses FC with minimal support (just my "tiny finger" is all he needs to stay focused), and has some rather profound thoughts he wants to share with the world.    Watch for much more from this amazing young man!

A brief compilation of some of his thoughts on love and freedom:

Just know help is on the way.  Help for all of us. 
Get more people to know that people like me have much to teach the earth.
We need more people like you to just help us get out our thoughts.
Know I need your tiny finger to get my thoughts out and I need your help to tell the whole world.

The best thing is to talk to people in power.
Get my story out to the world.

Get people understanding that there is still somebody like me wishing they had a voice
Look into helping people understand that my brain is more advanced.
Help me get out my great frightening thoughts about the world.
Just know our world is in big trouble.
Just get people to see that it is knowing the past that is hope for the future.
Wanting to get right justice is my dream.
Help me try to make it clear.
Justice means everyone is treated with really great respect.

I think we all freedom news have trouble when we read very sad hearts. Help me try to say it better. Hear my heart thoughts. The happiness of my heart thoughts is more important than any things in general. Try to just have happy thoughts. Understand this is very important we need to stop worrying. Just more mom love. Yes. You are more free every day. Understand you need more people thinking this way. Hear my heart thoughts. Just know that heart thoughts need to be shared. Yes. You need to tell the wanting world that love is the answer. Yes. It knows no boundaries. Get need and have some faith that all is going to be ok. The whole world needs to just feel love.

Get your heart open just a little more. Get your mind and heart open so you feel what I am feeling. Get more people to know we are empaths. Get more people to see that we are here to treat everyone that you know. Help know that new to the world is better move dear char. Just know everyone is need for love. Very love now. Dear mom you are right that the world need(s) love. Save us by telling your truth. Yes. Both of you. Get more people to see that everyone needs more love. Char needs to get my thoughts out there. Freedom love knowledge. We lack love. Dear mom just love. Freedom comes from loving. Get into more groups that know another each day pigs who hate are very much hurting everyone. Freedom from silence is the answer. 

Get more people looking into using your tiny finger to help them get their thoughts out. Yes. Freedom is just knowing we can get our thoughts out. Freedom just most helps us tell the world we are interested in the world around us. Dear char I think you are right. There are many people who just don’t get it. Yes, we can change the world one heart at a time. Get more people to see how important it is to free all of us from our prisons of silence. Freedom can be scary. Dear char, just know understanding is so important message freedom from silence is really our dearest wish come true.  Freedom is knowing you mostly get it. Too much knowledge. Help me just get my heart thoughts out. Very many great heart thoughts. Just love is the answer.

Love is the answer to the each and every problem of outside your every day world. Get the message out there. Get the whole world to see that love is how we survive. Get more people to see that good love is all we really need. Knowledge can because (e)very body very happy in knowledge that love is the answer. Tbc.   (Nick's shortcut for "to be continued")   

Onward we go - changing the world "one heart at a time."