Saturday, March 14, 2009

Getting started

It doesn't really matter what the task is, the hardest part (at least for me!) is getting started. So here I go - I am enterting the 21st Century and starting the blog I have had in my head for many years now. My goal is to write at least once a week. Some topics will be long and reflective, others short and informative, maybe even a few humorous ones here and there. Most of all, it will be combination of my desire to help others learn from my mistakes, and my need to put thoughts into written form before I forget what it was I wanted to say. Topics will vary, but I can just about guarantee that most of what I write will have something to do with kids. That is what my waking life has been all about - and those few dreams from the time spent asleep I remember from the time spent asleep invariably have something to do with kids.

I welcome your feedback, and hope to improve the nature of the blog itself as I learn more about what this whole process is all about and how it can be used.

Welcome to my world! It's good to have you here sharing this space with me.

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